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GlobusCure Hospitals

If you choose GlobusCure as your medical tourism service provider, you are guaranteed world class treatment at an affordable price. These hospitals employ state-of-the-art medical equipments for the procedures and surgeries.

Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur

Wockhardt Hospital's existence is the result of a 40-year tradition of caring and innovation nurtured by Wockhardt Ltd, India's 5th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company with a presence in 20 countries across the globe. Within a short period since its inception, Wockhardt Hospitals has become a leading health service provider.


  • Heart Care
  • Bone and Joint
  • Brain and Spine
  • Digestive Care

Alocobond Hospitals, Mumbai

Medical Center in Oklahoma City never lets viewers forget who it is there to serve – the youngest of patients who might just as well prefer to be playing with toys outdoors. A flying kite – which serves as the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center logo – inspired the atrium’s overall design.


  • General physician
  • Brain Surgery
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Maxivision Hospitals, Banglore

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals is one of the leading eye care facilities in India today. Established by renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, Maxivision takes pride in being India's first LASIK centre in the year 1996. We have come a long way since to be recognized as one of the most trusted brands in eye care offering a complete spectrum of vision care treatments. So far we have provided outpatient eye care to more than 24 lakh people from all over the globe.


  • Eye Sugeries

Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

Apollo Hospitals has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare by bringing to the people, the latest innovations in key medical specialities and superspecialities on par with the West. We highlight in this section some of the latest procedures, services and therapies that Apollo hospitals provides.


  • Bone and Joint
  • Heart
  • Orthopedics
  • Cancer Care
  • Diabetes

Fiona Stanley Hospitals, Pune

Fiona Stanley Specialty Hospital is a fully equipped medical facility located conveniently in your neighborhood. It brings cutting edge medical technology and internationally trained physicians under one roof to give patients easy access to quality, affordable healthcare.


  • Organ Transplant
  • Cosmetic Stem Cells
  • Lumbar Laminectomy
  • Scar Removal

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